Photography Workshop (Art After Dawn)
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Organised by the Faculty of Communication, Arts & Media, this workshop teaches participants all the necessary skills needed in photography to take professional looking pictures. Learn how to deal with the camera and the technical aspects of photography, and understand what makes a good picture, and how to compose and tell a story with your images. With this course, you also get hands-on practice using a studio lighting set-up.

This workshop is part of the Art After Dawn short course series, an adaptation of Art After Dark by Swansea College of Art, UWTSD Participants will be awarded a certificate of participation endorsed by an international university. Refreshments will be provided.

  • Introduction to Basic Digital Photography
  • Introduction to Digital Camera and Equipment
  • Learning basic camera functions
  • Learning Composition, Subject, Focussing, and Exposure
  • Introduction to Studio Photography
  • Introduction to Lighting Equipment and Set-up
  • Basic Posing and Direction for Models
  • Basic Shooting Test
  • Transferring photo to computer
  • Basic Editing

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Mr Yaman Ibrahim
Selected as Malaysia’s FUJIFILM Brand Ambassador, Mr Yaman Ibrahim is a full-time Malaysian photographer based in Kuala Lumpur. His experiences as an art teacher and a senior manager in creative and multimedia gave him the knack to appreciate the finer things that others overlook. His achievements and awards both locally and on an international level has inspired him to explore a new level in photography through experimentation in order to produce enviable photographic results.

Why Art After Dawn @ IUMW
  • Consists of three art & media workshops: videography & audio, photography, and contemporary art.
  • Option to select individual workshops, or complete all three for further exposure to a variety of Art & Media techniques. Enjoy discounted fees when applying for more than one workshop.
  • An adaptation of Art After Dark by Swansea College of Art, UWTSD, a leading arts institution in the United Kingdom
  • Certification endorsed by an international university
  • Flexible classes that run on weekends. Customised or personalised classes and dates can be done via group registration with minimum amount of 15 participants per session.
  • Notable subject matter training expert with good industry portfolios and academic experiences.
  • Participants can get their work noticed through exposure and on FCAM showcases, YouTube channel, podcasts, social media, etc.

RM700 per person

Sign up for an additional workshop or for the full Art After Dawn series, and enjoy discounted rates:

A. Videography + Audio (normally RM 700)
B. Photography (normally RM 700)
C. Contemporary Art (normally RM 400)

Special rates:
  • Package 1 (A+B): RM 1300
  • Package 2 (A/B+C): RM1000.
  • Package 3 (A+B+C): RM1650
  • FCAM students get an additional 25% discount
Duration & Venue

1 day workshop,
2020 workshop dates coming soon

IUMW campus, FCAM, Level 1, Block A