Contemporary Art Workshop (Art After Dawn)
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Programme Overview

Contemporary Art

Organised by the Faculty of Communication, Arts & Media, this practical workshop encourages learners to understand, appreciate, and enjoy contemporary art through four main processes; understanding art, the use of basic art techniques, conceptualising ideas and finally, producing their own contemporary art piece.

Contemporary art can be seen in trends throughout music, fashion, print, performances, and many other forms. This workshop educates participants on how art is applied in everyday objects, and how it transforms society through transforming places, spaces and ideas.

This workshop is part of the Art After Dawn short course series, an adaptation of Art After Dark by Swansea College of Art, UWTSD Participants will be awarded a certificate of participation endorsed by an international university. Refreshments will be provided.

  • Introduction to Contemporary Art
  • Basic 2D art techniques (painting or sketching)
  • Generating ideas
  • Art conceptualisation
  • Producing a contemporary art piece

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Dr Nurul Nisa Omar
An expert in Art and Multimedia, Dr Nisa holds a Ph.D. in Creative Multimedia, Masters of Multimedia and Bachelors of Creative Multimedia (Media Innovation/ Advertising Design) from Multimedia University, Malaysia. As the Dean of the Faculty of Communication, Arts & Media, she is dedicated in the field of learning through art, media and technology. She has done a number of studies on media and creativity, and has won awards at both local and international level.

Why Art After Dawn @ IUMW
  • Consists of three art & media workshops: videography & audio, photography, and contemporary art.
  • Option to select individual workshops, or complete all three for further exposure to a variety of Art & Media techniques. Enjoy discounted fees when applying for more than one workshop.
  • An adaptation of Art After Dark by Swansea College of Art, UWTSD, a leading arts institution in the United Kingdom
  • Certification endorsed by an international university
  • Flexible classes that run on weekends. Customised or personalised classes and dates can be done via group registration with minimum amount of 15 participants per session.
  • Notable subject matter training expert with good industry portfolios and academic experiences.
  • Participants can get their work noticed through exposure and on FCAM showcases, YouTube channel, podcasts, social media, etc.

RM400 per person

Sign up for an additional workshop or for the full Art After Dawn series, and enjoy discounted rates:

A. Videography + Audio (normally RM 700)
B. Photography (normally RM 700)
C. Contemporary Art (normally RM 400)

Special rates:
  • Package 1 (A+B): RM 1300
  • Package 2 (A/B+C): RM1000.
  • Package 3 (A+B+C): RM1650
  • FCAM students get an additional 25% discount
Duration & Venue

1 day workshop,
2020 workshop dates coming soon

IUMW campus, FCAM, Level 1, Block A