Centre for Counselling and Psychological Services (CCPS)

Centre for Counselling and Psychological Services (CCPS) aims to enhance the psychological growth, emotional well-being and learning potential of students who are studying in IUMW. CCPS provides a variety of psychological assessment and psychological intervention services by qualified Clinical Psychologists and Registered Counsellor.

We strive to offer services in an atmosphere that is welcoming and comfortable for all students. In addition, we hope to provide an opportunity for all students at any levels to access to the services provided by CCPS. Psychological services are free and strictly confidential.

Our Services:

1. Personal Support

Support students emotionally, improve students’ psychological well-being and develop students with important skills to cope with different life challenges.

2. Learning Support

  • Learning Styles/ Profiler
  • Learning Strategies

3. Personal Development

  • Time management

4. Psychological Assessment

  • Personality
  • Coping skill
  • Career interest/ planning
  • Cognitive/ Intellectual functioning

5. Professional Psychological Services

  • Stress management
  • Relationships and family issues
  • Excessive worrying, panic and phobia
  • Sadness, depression and adjustment issues
  • Issues on self-concept and assertiveness

Our services are available on Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm on appointment basis.

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Personal Development Workshop

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Student Centre

The Student Centre is more than just a building - it’s the cultural and social hub of our city campus and is a safe, stimulating environment in which to eat, relax and socialise with friends and also meet with lecturers.

The centre is open to all students of IUMW as a convenient place to enjoy the latest technology and even complete any given assignments be it group or individual work.

The primary functions of IUMW Student Centre are to:

Facilities of the Student Centre include:

The Buddy Club

The buddy club is a programme designed to assist new students adapt to the university life and also life in Kuala Lumpur. The Students Affairs Office supports this programme by helping to improve the organisation and the quality of its events and ensuring continuous running through funding and good planning.

One of the buddy programme's main and most popular functions is designed specifically for non-local students—it recommends and provides a variety of ways to spend free time in Kuala Lumpur such as day trips to interesting places, special events, recommended restaurants, bars, sports events and many other activities available in Malaysia.

Our students will receive regular updates through their email or through the official social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Career Guidance

Our students have the opportunity to get one-to-one consultation on where they are going to be after they graduated. Our counsellor will recommend a career path for you, based on the programme or course you are studying.


We recommends a range of local accommodation at competitive process for you and will assist in negotiating with landlords for the best rates and facilities. Students have the right to choose their own accommodation; frequently the decision is made for students to share with their friends, thus making rental more cost effective. Normally, students will make a rental agreement directly with the landlord of the accommodation.

International students have the same choices as local students, but Government rules require the contract to be made between IUMW and the landlord. Student affairs will be responsible for this negotiation. Early application for accommodation is highly recommended.


IUMW provides transportation for university related activities. For further information on accommodation and transportation, please contact us at +(603) 2617 3131.