The IUMW Foundation in Arts is a preparatory programme to provide students a breadth of knowledge across the core course matter, communicating and using knowledge constructively for the benefit of others.

It provides students insights to various disciplines in the Faculty of Business and Law, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences or Faculty of Arts and Humanities. The curriculum boosts students’ proficiency in the English language, gain knowledge to think independently and creatively, communicate their knowledge effectively with others and operate in a constructive, ethical and professional manner.

Below are the degree programme which allow to further studies from the foundation programme:

Faculty of Business and Law

Faculty of Health and Social Science

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Your educational journey has been meticulously designed to unlock full potential towards pursuing professional certification and undergraduate studies. All these and much more in unique education package inclusive of a vibrant university life in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

1. Malaysian Students:

2. English Requirements for International Students:

Malaysian Student International Student
Total fees(RM) 12,000 16,300

Payment of Fee


We are excited that you are applying to the International University of Malaya-Wales. Throughout the application process, please read all instructions carefully. You will need to prepare the following documents for your application:


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Malaysian Student International Student

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