Centre Of Foundation Studies

The Centre for Foundation Studies at IUMW is devoted to providing a sturdy base for the personal growth and academic enrichment of all students. The IUMW Foundation programme is a one-year elementary programme designed to provide multi-disciplinary exposure to students who require a pre-university qualification as a preliminary criteria before pursuing their undergraduate degrees. The Foundation programmes are fully accredited by MQA with a curriculum that is versatile and comprehensive.

Our Foundation in Arts acts as a prerequisite for students who intend to pursue their degree with the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Faculty of Business and Law, and the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences. Students will gain an experiential learning opportunity which will allow them to expand their communication talents, critical thinking abilities and independent learning skills.

The Foundation in Science equips students with the specific knowledge to pursue their degree with the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. With practical exposure and a hands-on learning approach, those pursuing this foundation will have a stronger grasp of the core science knowledge they will need to excel in the future undertaking. IUMW’s fully equipped laboratories will ensure that our students have ample practice that hones their research and analytical skills. Our strong bond with the University of Malaya also allows students of IUMW to utilize the cutting edge science laboratories at the Centre for Foundation Studies in Science (PASUM) at their campus.

The advantages of studying a Foundation programme are irrefutable. A solid Foundation programme can give students an advantage over others who are entering higher education directly after high school. Using a tertiary-style teaching with plenty of lectures, tutorials and seminar-type classes students are able to kick start their undergraduate endeavor on a firm platform. With IUMW, you will find yourself academically ready and personally confident enough to succeed at your chosen undergraduate course.

Centre Of Foundation Studies

“The IUMW Foundation Studies has been designed to provide students with the appropriate academic preparation for their intended IUMW degree programme. Upon completion, and subject to meeting IUMW entry requirements, acceptance into the student’s chosen undergraduate programme is guaranteed. As a student, you will be a full member of the University, with access to student accommodation and all academic, welfare, social and sports facilities on campus.”

Mrs. Noraidah binti Mohd Shariff
Director, Centre of Foundation Studies

Student's Testimonials

"If you are going through my testimony just because you are planning to sign up for the course, my advice for you, would be, just go for it. The opportunity to study at IUMW has made all the difference to me. With unrivalled expert guidance, my overall experience was simply beyond my expectations.”

Fara Alisha Zulkifli
Foundation in Arts

"The facilities at the University is impeccable and the variety of services available made me always feel supported. I can positively say this university has made me a better person.”

Cham Boon Zham
Foundation in Science

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