The Internet Engineering programme aims at producing professionals who will spearhead the design and direction of future Internet architecture, infrastructure and applications. This programme equips graduates with advanced and profound concepts that underlie the design and implementation of Internet-based systems. In addition, students will also acquire practical skills that are crucial for entering the job market.

Your educational journey has been meticulously designed to unlock full potential towards pursuing professional certification and postgraduate studies. All these and much more in unique education package inclusive of a vibrant university life in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Career Pathways

Semesters Subjects
Semester 1
 (12 credits)
MSC 701 - Network and Internet Principles (4 credits) 
MSE 714 - Advanced Web Technologies (4 credits)
MSC 711 - Research Methodology (4 credits)
Semester 2 
(12 credits)
MSC 703 - Internet Security (4 credits) 
MSE 713 - Internet Governance (4 credits) 
MSC 705 - Dissertation (4 credits)
Semester 3 
(16 credits)
MSC 705 - Dissertation Continued (16 credits)
Malaysian Student International Student
Total fees(RM) 31,310 41,620

Payment of Fee


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