Faculty Of Arts And Humanities

Across the history of the modern world, the field of arts and humanity is one of the richest landscapes to be explored.  From those who were persecuted for the freedom of expression of their times to the modern heroes of today who have championed change and revolution, the world would not be the same without our individual capabilities to communicate with one another. Armed with an academic team consisting of some of the most impressive portfolios, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at IUMW prepares incumbents for the everyday challenges of communication. Recognizing the ever changing landscape of society, we aim to produce graduates who have the utmost capacity at breaking frontiers and overcoming barriers in their professional lives. 
The Bachelor of Professional Communication (Hons) programme (Degree in Professional Communication) is not a standard degree in communication. It is designed to exceed expectations while instilling high adaptability and unwavering resilience in its students. The overall objective of this programme is to enhance each student’s versatility and ensure that they are an advantage to any organization that they choose to expand their career at. With the knowledge and core competencies to tackle any niche in the media industry, our students will always stay ahead of the game. 
Our professional communication students will gain ample exposure to real-world practices with real-world practitioners within the field. Through meticulously designed projects, industrial training and frequent seminars by world-renowned and accomplished speakers a holistic education is part and parcel of our students’ development. Our state-of-the art facilities also guarantee that students will have hands-on approach to keeping themselves updated with the latest technologies in communication which will nurture them to be flexible and relevant in a continuously advancing society. The Faculty of Arts and Humanities provides fully accredited undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications for students from all walks of life to pursue.  


Student's Testimonials

“This incredible programme is perfect in every way! Recommending it to any and every person interested in studying communication because not a single thing went wrong on their clock and every second of it was an absolute blast!.”

Charmaine Tan Chai Jun
Bachelor of Professional Communication (Hons)

"This programme is filled with fun activities that never leaves you bored. The university turned out to be one of my greatest and most enriching experiences in terms of learning, skill development and skill diversification.”

Megat Annuar Bin Megat Amirudin
Bachelor of Professional Communication (Hons)

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