A Tour of Sumatra for the Purpose of a Malaysian Education

Once again, IUMW representatives found themselves ashore the lovely country of Indonesia. This time, we paid a visit to Sumatra in conjunction with The Education Malaysia Expo Sumatra Tour 2017. The event was held from the 6th of August to the 12th of August. The tour began in Medan before proceeding through Pekanbaru and Batam before coming to an end at Palembang.

The event was a successful one with approximately a hundred Indonesian students enquiring about their study abroad options. IUMW presents a unique educational experience because of its stature as a partnership between the University of Malaya and the University of Wales. Our international students have the opportunity to experience the best of Malaysia and the best of the United Kingdom during their undergraduate or even postgraduate programmes.

For more information on the prestigious prospects that IUMW has to offer, visit or call 0326173131.


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