IUMW Travels along the Burmese Road

Myanmar is a country well known for its rich cultural landscapes, stunning sceneries and breath-taking pagodas. IUMW recently partook in an education tour that ran across the bustling capital of Yangon to the idyllic city of Mandalay. The Yes2Malaysia Education Expo was held in Myanmar from the 17th to the 18th of June this year and saw an influx of prospective students seeking to expand their horizons across the globe. IUMW strikes the appeal of prospective international students with its credit transfer programme that allows further study in the United Kingdom. Bringing together the best of education across two continents, IUMW presents an opportunity to both international and local students for a versatile education that brings them around the world. For more information on enrolment, admissions, programmes and more visit or contact 0326173131 for more information.

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