The Kingdom of Bahrain Welcomes IUMW

The lovely nation of Bahrain is made up of almost 30 islands on the Arabian Gulf. It has a rich history central to the development of trade in the Middle East and till today stands as one of the most culturally-developed civilisations. IUMW was privileged to be a part of the EDUTEX Bahrain 2017 fair which was held in Manama from the 19th to the 23rd of March this year. Our representative was given the chance to visit the Bahrain Indian School to provide information on IUMW’s programmes to the officials. Only four of Malaysia’s institutions were given this opportunity. IUMW also got the opportunity to give presentations at the Middle East School and the City International School which are among the top schools in Bahrain. IUMW is excited to be a part of such a far-reaching event and looks forward to being an active part of the global higher education community. For more information on IUMW’s internationalization efforts visit or call 0326173131.



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