IUMW Meets Boston at the MIT System Dynamics Conference 2017

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) System Dynamics Conference 2017 was held at Boston, United States from the 18th to the 20th of July 2017. Representatives and participants from all over the world attended the event. Our very own Dr. Mohd. Haizam Mohd. Saudi from the Faculty of Business and Law was selected as a presenter at this conference. 

He presented the paper entitled “The Major Causes of Bullwhip Effect on Green Supply Chain Practices: An Integrated Framework”. This presentation was in line with the focus of the conference which was system dynamics modelling, a famous methodology and mathematical modelling technique applied to industrial processes. The conference in Boston saw a gathering of some of the most illustrious academicians in the field. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) organizes such conferences on an annual basis to encourage development of new models and systems for the benefit of society throughout the world.

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