Farewell to Prof. Dr. Hamzah A. Rahman

IUMW had recently bid farewell to the First President of International University of Malaya-Wales.

The inaugural President of International University Malaya-Wales may be leaving, but a part of the legacy he leaves behind is a strong focus on the exceptional blending of local and international education experience through the array of well-developed, market driven and globally relevant programmes. He has ended his term as President on February 27, 2017, and returned to the Faculty of Built Environment, University of Malaya.

Since Prof. Dr. Hamzah A. Rahman arrived in 2012, significant enrolment increases have occurred in both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The campus has grown to become the fastest-growing university in Malaysia. International student enrolment has increased dramatically, with students from over 30 countries coming to IUMW to earn their degrees. Today, the campus is at a population of approximately 1,300 students.

The IUMW’s staff and students gave the Professor Dr. Hamzah A. Rahman, a heartfelt – send-off at the President’s Farewell event on 27 February 2017. When Prof. Dr. Hamzah A. Rahman took the podium, he was clearly touched by the outpouring of appreciation. “The five years here at IUMW have been among the best years of my life,” he said.

In his farewell speech, Prof. Dr. Hamzah A. Rahman thanked the faculty, staff and students for their support and cooperation. He encouraged all to continue working together in the same spirit.

A farewell lunch was held at the IUMW auditorium, providing staff the opportunity to drop in and wish Prof. Dr. Hamzah A. Rahman all the very best in his new position, as well as to share some laughs and memories across the past five years. When Prof. Dr. Hamzah A. Rahman came outside the auditorium, tearful students lined up to greet him as he walked through the large crowd. Many were cheering, but many others were also saddened by the loss.

We will miss you, Prof. Dr. Hamzah A. Rahman!

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