IUMW Inked MoA With Otemon Gakuin University

International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) last Friday reached another milestone when it inked a Memorandum of Agreement with Japan's Otemon Gakuin University.

The memorandum was signed by Vice President of Otemon Gakuin University Kazumasa Fukushima and President of IUMW Prof. Dr Hamzah A Rahman. The collaboration will see both institutions cooperating in exchange of faculty members, students, publications, educational and cultural projects that are mutually identified and agreed.

"With IUMW's parentage consisting of University of Malaya and University of Wales, this partnership or collaboration enhances the university's internationalisation in various areas, particularly in the areas of information, knowledge and skills and also equally important, the areas of networking and cultural exposure.

"This is very timely and important as the industry is now looking beyond academic performance as a key factor in determining the quality of the human capital," said Dr Hamzah in a statement. "A quality graduate should also be cultured, mature and able to think 'outside the box', which can only be achieved through continuous active exposure to the various cultures of the world," he added.

The first step to realising this collaboration will be the arrival of an estimated 20 students from Otemon Gakuin University within a period of 2 to 12 months in 2014. These students will be studying the various courses offered at IUMW and will be exposed to the multi cultures of Malaysia.

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