From left to right: YBhg Tan Sri Musa Hassan (Chairman, MCCC), Goh Boon Fuh (Chairman, PTA, SMK Kepong), Prof Dr Hamzah A. Rahman (President/CEO, IUMW), Halim Ishak (VP, MCCC) at the Press Conference

Representatives from MCC, SMK Kepong and IUMW

Kuala Lumpur, 16 April 2014 – International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) is doing its part in crime prevention effort by working hand-in-hand with Malaysian Crime Care Community (MCCC) in a programme targeted at students in Malaysia.

As part of its social responsibility, IUMW’s pool of experts at the Faculty of Health and Social Science will be working together with MCCC to identify problematic issues amongst school students and then nurture, guide and counsel them to make intelligent and mature decisions in their life.

According to Prof Dr Hamzah A. Rahman, President/CEO of IUMW, “behavioural issues nowadays are the result of years of pent-up emotions which were not dealth with at the early stages. But with various methodologies and medium we have today, these issues are no longer swept under the carpet. At IUMW, our experts from the Faculty of Health and Social Science have the knowledge and skills to draw out the underlying issues out of individuals, thus enabling preventive actions be taken to help people deal with their problems. This is our role towards ensuring such programmes are effective and successful”.

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology programme at IUMW provides students with a comprehensive understanding of human behaviour and practical application of psychological theories.

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