Students switch adventure mode on at AsiaCamp

 Students switch adventure mode on at AsiaCamp

‘Prepare to get wet, sweat, and be mentally challenged’ - the advice from the ‘AsiaCamp’ website. It turned out to be some sound advice too! Students from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities enjoyed a challenging but rewarding day at the camp, based in Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor.

Planning began in September, when students first got to know each other, and assigned the organising committee members. With the committee members decided, it was on to the planning for the faculty’s event, and pretty soon, Asia Camp became the obvious choice.

On the day itself the students were in true adventure mode from the get-go, where their first activity was water floating. This was a 1 kilometre jungle trek to the river, where they were then lowered into the river and had walk along the river bed, until they arrived at the next location for the next activity.

If they thought it was time to relax after that first challenge, they were wrong. Next was the obstacle course! Our students completed a series of challenging physical obstacles, all whilst being pushed hard and timed, to add that competitive edge. Running, climbing, crawling, balancing - you name it, the course had it all.

Some rest was had overnight, before getting right back to it the next morning. The day began with an aerobics session, followed by the final activity, raft building. Using only bamboo sticks, water barrels, and string, the students had to build a water raft which was later tested by paddling from one side of a lake to the other!

It is no surprise that the bus journey back to campus was quiet, with most students fast asleep! The AsiaCamp was a tough event, but for all the right reasons. It was a rewarding experience for all involved, and certainly one to remember.

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