Exploring business and society development through ICBPS 2018

Kuala Lumpur, Nov 28 2018 - The 1st International Conference of Business, Society and Policy (ICBPS 2018) was recently held from 27th to 28th November 2018 at Hotel Seri Pacific. The conference was organised by Widyatama University and the Faculty of Business and Law of International University of Malaya-Wales.

Some of the conference objectives included encouraging research and projects among institutions of higher learning and industries in addressing the issues of embracing business, policy and society, contributing to new revolution with modern thinking and upholding good values and cultures, and providing a platform for scholars and practitioners to debate and disseminate a business society with global thinking.

Educators, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, and professionals networked had an exchange of ideas and experience in the development of business and society issues, particularly those related towards nations.

The event provided collaboration opportunities to promote awareness and interest in the fields of business and society in redefining workforce towards achieving a new revolution. Policy makers and industry representatives had opportunities to get feedback for research ideas and findings, for the development of a business curriculum.

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