IUMW FrankenScience Fair 2018: proof indeed that science is far from boring!

Many people are talking about today's emerging careers in cryptocurrency, blockchain and bitcoin, but careers in science are research will be equally as crucial, if the workforce of the future is to be Industrial Revolution 4.0 ready.

It is the role of higher education institutions to continue to evolve, keep their programmes current, and prepare their students to meet the needs of the job market of the future. IUMW are doing just that, in a rather innovative way!

IUMW's Centre of Foundation Studies, in collaboration with Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (FSTEM), organised "IUMW FrankenScience Fair 2018". The event name was of course inspired by the infamous fictional scientist, Frankenstein, who created and brought to life a manlike monster which eventually turned on him and destroyed him.

With the tagline, 'where science makes it all happen', this event began a series of activities that led up to the main event, such as the Amazing Science Race, and the Online Mathematics Quiz. The main event had a whole range of activities and entertainment to enjoy, these included the Inspirational Science Talk; the Fun Science Exhibition; the Cat Genetics Show; Plant DNA Extraction; and Demonstration of the creation of a Terrarium & Kokedama.

The event aimed to introduce the students to the wonders of science in a playful, relaxing and active way. It acted as a platform to spark the interest of young people in science and technology, hoping they may want venture further into this field of study. The fair garnered a huge crowd over the course of the day, with so many students and staff taking the opportunity to get involved with the activities. It was a lively event to say the least, with so much enthusiasm and support from all.

In her welcoming speech remarks, Madam Noraidah said, "There are good career opportunities in science as well. We need to promote science as a fun subject that promises a bright future for young people."

The event was officiated by IUMW's Deputy Vice Chancellor, Mr. Stephen Griffiths, and was attended by the Director of the Centre of Foundation Studies, Madam Noraidah Mohd Shariff; the Dean of Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Associate Professor Dr. Kamran Shavarebi; as well as other heads of departments, IUMW lecturers and staff.

Attended by 300 students, the main event had a number of talks from prominent people in the industry. Dato' Dr. Mohamed Ezani Md Taib, the Head of Private Healthcare Division from the National Heart Institute of Malaysia, shared about the importance of science, especially in the context of saving lives. In his engaging talk, he also shared his own professional experience of heart transplant surgery, using pictures and videos - not for the faint hearted! Mr. Faiz Adri Roslan, the Chief Operating Officer of website doctorDB, later inspired the audiences with his experiences integrating the business and science world. Finally, Dr. Amira Mohamed Adnan, a veterinary doctor, spoke about 'The Secret Life of Vets', and demonstrated tips on how to care for pets properly!

The event ended with the prize giving ceremony for the winners of the competition activities. One IUMW student, Nik Mohamad Haikal, commented, "This event was a phenomenal experience, a great opportunity to be introduced to new knowledge, get a hands on learning experience, and do fun activities".

Congratulations to the Centre of Foundation Studies and FSTEM, in particular to their lecturers as the advisors, and the student committee for their great effort.

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