Conscious Clothing: A student drive to reduce fast fashion

Conscious Clothing was an event organised by IUMW's semester 5 and 6 Professional Communication students, under the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH). The one-day event was held as their bid in helping the environment, by raising awareness about the importance of sustainable fashion.

Hear what Anis Azlan, a representative of Conscious Clothing, had to say!

"We noticed an increase in fast fashion pollution, and were determined to make a change. So for our Communication Campaign subject, 'Conscious Clothing' was born, with the idea of campaigning to promote sustainable fashion to the IUMW community by holding a thrift shop event. Conscious Clothing was led by our Co-Project Champions, Amirul Mukminin Azmi and Alany Azzuddin, and was supervised by Mdm Che Nur Amalina S. Che Zainal.

For 3 weeks, we held a donation drive to collect clothes, so we could resell them at our event. We decided this was the best approach as we had not seen it done before, and we wanted our IUMW community to have an outlet to be able to donate their old clothes. The response was overwhelming, with an abundance of items collected. It was exciting to see so many IUMW students, staff, along with their friends and family, taking the initiative in reducing fast fashion waste. We also invited fourteen vendors to collaborate with us on our event, many of whom were IUMW students, to really encourage their spirit of entrepreneurship. Along with the many donations, Tesco Malaysia generously agreed to be a sponsor. On the day of the event, many students, staff, friends, and families alike attended the event. Conscious Clothing was officiated by AP Dr Mohd Yusof Abdullah.

We were overwhelmed with the response we received for the event. Not only were we were able to make a sizeable profit, we received fantastic feedback, so we know people also enjoyed the event. Above all, we were humbled that our message of sustainable fashion was spread and received by many open ears. We hope we were able to give something back to our community through the event, and the proceeds we made on the day we will give to our faculty, which can go towards future events. We hope that our IUMW community continues to practice sustainable fashion and always thrift, don't throw!"

We would like to congratulate the group on their fantastic event, and hope to see another one on campus very soon!

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