IUMW students learn self-defense

A group of students from IUMW's Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Entrepreneurship and students completing co-curricular modules recently organised a class with a difference! Dubbed the 'Powerpunch Workshop', the goal of this class was learning the basics in the art of self-defense.

The students invited two professional coaches to campus, Coach Ijam and Coach Benny, to conduct the self-defense session. The basic concept was for students to learn how to defend themselves during potentially dangerous situations. The thinking behind such classes, is that regardless of skill level, an individual can always defend themselves to a certain degree, as long as they are able to stop, and think. Simple techniques can be taught and learned, that can help individuals when there is trouble and that, along with better awareness, was the goal of the class.

Around 15 students attended the session. As well as learning self-defense, the students got great advice from the coaches on how to prepare for dangerous and unforeseen situations, and why staying alert and aware is important. The students partnered up in order to put in to practice the various techniques they'd been taught.

Rishaalini, one of the students who helped organise the event said, "All of the students really enjoyed the workshop. It made everyone realise how important is it to be aware and alert, and we learned how to protect ourselves from undesirable situations".

Based on the success on this first class, students are keen to organise even more similar classes, which will enable them to build on their foundation of skills, and share the experience with even more students across campus.

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