Three IUMW students compete in Miss World University Malaysia, 2018

Congratulations to 3 of our fantastic students, Rheanna Deandra Tara; Nur Elza Rosilla; and Ruth Clara Ann, who competed in the finals of World Miss University Malaysia, 2018. Miss University is an event held in countries all over the world, with contestants from different universities competing to represent their country in the World Miss University final.

A special congratulations is offered to Rheanna, who was 2nd runner up in the competition. Along with a number of other fantastic prizes, Rheanna received a scholarship for post-graduate studies in Korea, and can represent Malaysia in the International final of the competition. The winners of the final event become World Miss University Peace Corps delegations, whose role is to ‘deliver the message of peace to the world through global peace movement and environmental sustainability movement’ (World Miss University, 2018).

This year is the 28thedition of the long standing international contest, which was created in correspondence with the United Nations’ resolution of 1986 - celebrating the International Year of Peace. Nowadays the event is organised by the World University Peace Service Corps Foundation, a non-profit foundation based in New York. The event seeks to bring together and harmonise different religions, ideologies, languages, skin colours, and cultures.

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