Psychology Students Hit Up a State-of-the-Art Anatomy Museum

Psychology is an intricate science that is both methodological and critical. On the 27th of April 2018, fourth semester students from the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychology paid a visit to UPMS’s Human Anatomy Museum.

The museum was found to be most intriguing with preserved human anatomy parts and at every section there were displays of its real and replica parts. One morbidly fascinating display was the display of a baby that was preserved after her death due to an accident. Her body was donated to the anatomy museum for educational purposes. The sad story behind it is that her family never visits the museum but always has a memory of her being displayed there. Students were also shown other types of fetuses and premature babies.

It was a titillating and highly educational experience as students walked through sections about human bodies, bone structure, skin, foot parts and more. IUMW students also decided to take part in a health campaign organized by UPM on that eventful day.

“Visiting the museum was a great experience, I was satisfied with the knowledgeable trip. It was wonderful tour.” said Nurul Afeeqa, one of the Psychology students”.

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