IUMW’s Psychology Day

The Psychology Day was an eventful occasion organised by the Faculty of Health and Social Science in association with IUNW’s Psychedelics (Psychology Club). It took place on the 18th of April 2018 at the IUMW Auditorium. The theme was "Psychology & Me."

The event was officiated by Dr Ahmad Sabri, the Director of Department of Student Affairs and Alumni and Dr Noor Hassline Mohamed, the Dean of Faculty of Health and Social Sciences (FHSS). The event was attended by psychology students, scholars, and professionals looking to hear about talks on “Self-Defence Psychology” by Master Dato’ Dr. Saiful Hamiruzzaman Mohd Hazir from the Malaysia Martial Art Association (MMAA). They were also treated to a session on “How to Help a Friend in Distress” by Kenny Lim from Befrienders.

Self-defence psychology addresses the mental, emotional and behavioural benefits available to all individuals through the study and practice of self-defence. The purpose of this event was to provide a platform to showcase and share knowledge while exposing students to a unique spectrum of Psychology. Other activities that were conducted included activities such as Wheels of Love, the Lie Game, Cognitive Neuropsychology and Explorace (a treasure hunting game).

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