Inside Oliver: A Boy Afraid of the World

IUMW’s very own Muhammad Danial made a major directorial debut with his production of the film “Inside Oliver”. “Inside Oliver” is the story about Oliver, a boy who grows up segregated from other young kids after his parent’s death from a freak sheep accident. After the incident, Oliver lives in an orphanage where he isolates himself with his own imaginary friend call ‘Mr Stress Ball’. He meets Isla who like him, lost her parents to a tragic freak accident. Together, the two build a deep connection and try to make sense of the world they live in.

This shortfilm were shot in Carmarthen, Wales in March 2017. Crew and cast involved were from the exchange student programme and the team was lead by Muhammad Danial with the help of his fellow IUMW students Sarah Alia, Noreema and Qila Faizi. This film starred theatre major students from California State University and the University of Wales.

The short film went on to win the Hacker Film Challenge organized by the Film Playoff Tournament based in Los Angeles beating other European competitors. It also received nods from the Shortfilm Community Website in Europe.

“Inside Oliver” was also officially selected for screening in a few international film festivals such as the BUT Film Festival in Breda in Holland, the 12th International Asto Short Film Festival in Greece, the OtherMovie Lugano Film Festival in Switzerland, the Taratsa International Film Festival in Greece and the 2nd Anyang International Youth Film Festival in Korea.

So keep a look out for this one, guys. We might just have a future Oscar-winner on our hands! For more information on IUMW’s student accomplishments call us at 0326173131 or stay tuned on our Facebook page for the latest.

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