Staff Futsal Friendly Match 2016, IUMW vs UNIKL

People have enjoyed futsal for many years. On a recreational level, futsal is simply a fun activity meant to be enjoyed with friends. However, on the competitive side, it includes the action seen in collegiate futsal events and local amateur tournaments. We can simply describe futsal as a sport in every sense of the definition. 

Department of Student Affairs and Alumni (DSAA) in collaboration with Sports Department of Universiti Kuala Lumpur successfully organised the Staff Futsal Friendly Match 2016 with the main purpose of professional networking and establish personal connection with other education institution. Everyone involved knows how enjoyable futsal is, as it improves your cardio and your technical and tactical attributes, which you can take into an 11-a-side game. We promoted bonding by exchanging corporate gift before the event started. 

The match was held on 25 February 2016 at 9pm at KSL Sports, Setapak Centermart Futsal Center, Jalan Genting Klang, Kuala Lumpur. A number of 24 players were involved in this match. The small space and tight marking demanded players to constantly innovate ways to beat defenders. Both teams found the courage and strength to show good teamwork spirit and ended with great strikes of 7-7. Congratulations to both teams! 

Appreciation to IUMW players:- 

Mohd Sazaris Muhammad, Amir Mohd Saini, Abdul Hafiz Nasruddin, Mohd Hafifi Othman, Hasrul Adli bin Zainal Alias, Muhammad Asyraf bin Samsuldin, Mohd Roslan bin Ismail, Jedzry Fadzlin Jalaluddin, Danial Asyraf Zuhairi, Shehu Shamsudeen Muhammad, Mohamad Nazree Fuzi Mohd Nazzaruddin, Mohd Syahid Abdul Rahim and Khairul Azizi Khairul Anuar.

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