IUMW Sets its Sights upon South Korea

South Korean is one of the most influential nations of our time with a population of over 50 million individuals many of whom are young people. IUMW was privileged with the chance to visit this illustrious country recently as part of the Kore Study Abroad event held at Seoul. Over a dozen serious prospective students were attended to and we have left a lasting impression.

As an international university, IUMW strives towards diversity and inclusiveness in its student population. Our recent trip to South Korea is proof of our continuous dedication to involving prospective students from around the world and leaving behind a global legacy in our wake.

IUMW is one of the first universities in Malaysia to offer a unique study abroad programme with the University of Wales in the United Kingdom. As part and parcel of this international mobility advantage, students also have the option of pursuing a Dual Award programme which allows them to graduate with two degrees; one from IUMW and the other from the University of Wales, UK.

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