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Become a Master of Communication and Find Passion in Your Career

22 September 2020 | by Laura Evans

Studying communications can lead to a broad range of career opportunities, so it’s no surprise that postgraduate degrees in communication are surging in popularity. The great thing about a career in communications is that it can take you into almost any industry, so you can look for opportunities in areas you’re passionate about. Sports enthusiast? Consider a career in sports journalism. Obsessed with politics? Become a speechwriter or campaign strategist. Want to make a difference in the world? Look for positions in nonprofits that line up with a cause you champion. Whatever your passion, you can guarantee there are positions in that field that demand the skills you have as a communications graduate.

For individuals looking to advance their career in communication, or for those re-evaluating their career pathway, studying a Masters in Communication could be a step in the right direction. The best part? With many universities, you can further your studies without even leaving your current position. The International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) offers a Master of Arts in Professional Communication with online classes available. The programme gives students the flexibility to pursue their studies alongside any of their other commitments, a great selling point for international students. For those worried about the support they’d receive studying remotely; they needn’t. Classes are recorded and can be re-watched at any time, students get one on one tutoring and consultations and unrivalled support through their mentor-mentee programme.

Though job opportunities in this field are broad, they are all built on a foundation of creativity. Professionals in this line find their work interesting, make a lot of their own decisions, and find plenty of opportunities to take initiative - leading to contentment in their work, and high job satisfaction. When you consider that oral and written communication and analytical skills are some of the top attributes employers look for when hiring – all of which are developed in such a programme, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to take their career to the next level. If you’re considering pursuing a Masters in Communication, it could be the golden ticket to eliminating those Monday blues with a career that has you jumping out of bed every Monday morning.