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Boost Your Creativity & Innovation With Remote Working

29 April 2020 | by Asha Nair Ganeser

By Asha Nair Ganeser

“I don’t work well from home”, “I’m not well equipped with virtual resources, “It just doesn’t give positivisms compared to working in the office”, and the list goes on. These are some of the thoughts of employees when it comes to remote working. Different perceptions and views can be derived from employees, especially during these unpredictable times. Employees need to be able to mentally and physically adapt to either remote working or working from the office. In the end, what matters the most is productivity. So, let’s look at how remote working can uplift employee creativity and innovation:

Invent your working space

Just because you are not working at an office, it doesn’t mean you can’t create your office at home with a comfy setting. Make sure you have a basic home office setup which includes a computer and functional internet connectivity. Even though it may only be for a temporary situation, this can make you feel positive and create a pleasant ambiance as if you are at your office. Of course, it will portray how creative and innovative you are in making the place beautiful!

Collaborate effectively

There will be moments when you feel that you’ve lost the connection with your team members and this creates a feeling of isolation. Don’t worry! Be creative with technology. Now, we have remote-friendly platforms such as Google Hangouts and Skype, which enable everyone to connect and have remote meetings. On top of that, be creative in handling the meeting. Try to make it more fun and find ways to make it interactive, like designing a creative ‘sprint’ to list possible solutions for a particular challenge.

It’s all about precious time.

You might usually spend most of your time on the road and stuck in massive jams while you are driving to work. Now, you can use all this time to be creative in planning your schedule effectively. Do as you would when preparing to go to the office. Set your alarm, wake up early, dress well, and plan your schedule for the day. There are various e-organisers for you to creatively plan for a focused and fruitful day.

Create a platform for knowledge gaining and sharing

Engage yourself with platforms such as webinars, e-conferences, and e-learning to develop and enhance your experience and skills in your respective field. You can then share your knowledge with your teammates, which can help them to uplift their role for the company. On platforms like Vyond, you can also learn how to make creative and informative infographics, or join a doodling webinar and learn how to use these as a tool to innovatively present ideas to others in remote meetings to share your knowledge!

Working from home can be challenging, but outcomes can be maximised with more creativity and innovation. Build confidence and adopt new skills; in the end, it’s not about what you do but what you gained and achieved. You can do this!