Campus Grounds – A piece of tranquillity in a business centre of Malaysia

Situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the campus sits on a 14-acre lush grounds. The garden-in-the-metropolitan campus is well connected with Kuala Lumpur’s best attractions, be they for recreational, entertainment or academic purposes.



Auditorium - A platform to showcase skills, talents and wisdom

The auditorium, with a full capacity of 470 audiences at one go has the capacity to stage local and international events. IUMW auditorium has hosted few renowned events and among them were The Conference on International Higher Education (CIHE) 2013, The IPv6 International Conference, The Innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Graduate Debate 2014 and IUMW’s in-house Multicultural Day.




Customer Care - Come and talk to our friendly counsellors

The Student Service Centre is a one-stop centre to maximise your customer service experience. All your administrative matters such as fee payment, PTPTN applications, enquiry, student affairs and registration to be handled here, hassle free.





The Brain-teaser

The library offers a wide range of titles and online resources for your reference throughout your study in IUMW. Linked with University of Malaya’s online portal and e-resources which is the best in the country, IUMW’s Library holds the key to your wisdom.








Chilling-out and Relaxing

A cultural and social hub with stimulating environment in which to eat, relax and socialise with friends and also meet with lecturers. The Student Centre is open for all students as a convenient place to enjoy the latest technology and even complete any given assignments be it group or individual work.








Shared Facilities

Our parent university, University of Malaya (20 minutes away from IUMW campus) welcomes IUMW students to use selected facilities at their main campus. Among them are sports complex, library and laboratories.