Doctor of Philosophy (Business)
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Programme Overview


At IUMW, our main business is to provide you with a high-quality, globally versatile education. Our Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme is designed to prepare our students for an outstanding career as an academic or researcher, in the public or private sector of multiple industries.

The research curriculum in our PhD programme consists of an in-depth investigation into specific research issues related to a variety of sub-disciplines in the Business world. Emphasis is placed on enhancing current knowledge, while developing cutting-edge innovations. Students are expected to have strong theoretical and research foundations to be able to conduct rigorous, empirical inquiry.

Malaysian Students
  • A Master’s degree in a business or a related field as accepted by the University Senate or other qualifications equivalent to a Master’s degree as accepted by the University Senate.
International Students
  • Master’s degree accepted by the HEP Senate and pass IELTS with band 6 or better, or TOEFL with a minimum score of 550.
English Competency Requirements
All international students are bound to the English Competency requirement set by the University and the Malaysian Qualification Agency except those who are:
  • From countries where English is the official language; OR
  • From an academic institution which uses English as its main medium of instruction.
  • Coursework (Two core courses)
    • Research Process and Academic Writing
    • Research Design and Methodology
  • Proposal Defence
    • Each student must present and defend his/her PhD research proposal. The student is only allowed to continue with his/her research to Phase Ill on passing of the defence of his/her proposal
  • Data Collection and Thesis Preparation
    • The student proceeds to his/her data collection, data analysis and thesis writing
  • Viva Voce
    • After submitting the thesis, the students is required to attend a Viva Voce to defend his/her thesis

Assessments under the PhD programme are varied; they are based on either full coursework (100%) or a combination of coursework and final examination. The most common combination to be found is 100% for coursework. Classes are held face-to-face, and include lectures and tutorials (offline and online) during the first semester.

Students are expected to undergo a minimum of three (6) long semesters over a span of 3 years and frequently meet with the assigned supervisors. In the final Phase, students must submit a complete PhD Thesis and at the end of the programme, students would graduate with a MQA-accredited PhD from International University of Malaya-Wales, Malaysia.

There is a range of assessment methods used throughout the Psychology and Early Childhood Education programme, each of which has been designed to measure the extent to which students can demonstrate their acquisition of the programme learning outcomes.

Malaysian Students

Total fees: MYR42,490

International Students

Total fees: MYR49,750



Applicants for Doctor of Philoshopy (Business) programme are required to submit a comprehensive statement of the research which they propose to carry out. The proposal should comprise the following elements:

  • Field of research
  • Topic of research proposal
  • Background or a brief literature review on the research topic
  • Objective of study - Explain the objectives that influence the research
  • The Methodology of study - Explain the methods used in study
  • Work schedule
  • References
  • The research proposal should contain between 1,500 - 2,000 words or about four to six (4 - 6) pages