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The International University of Malaya-Wales is an MQA-accredited university founded upon the collaborative efforts of the University of Malaya, Malaysia and the University of Wales, UK. It seeks to bring together the finest academia over two different continents and leverages upon the best of both worlds.

The University of Malaya is a true Malaysian legacy, one that all of us clutch to our hearts with utmost pride. It has produced some of the most influential people of our nation and owns a rich history in the landscape of national progress as the first Malaysian university. The recent world rankings have seen the university decorated amongst the top 120 universities in the world.

The University of Wales was founded in the year 1893 by the Royal Charter in the United Kingdom. Throughout its proud journey as an institution the University has stood the test of time and produced thousands of successful alumni, many of whom have been fundamental to the world as we know it. Till present the University remains as one of the most memorable game-changers for higher education in the United Kingdom.

As a heritage symbol for the University of Malaya and the University of Wales, IUMW shall uphold the quality, elegance and prestige that has been passed on through its inception. In solidarity, the university shall move forward with panache and verve. By cultivating the progress of generations to come, we take cue of the words of Malcolm X that “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”.