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Shape the future of how we live, work, and interact, in an exciting and ever-evolving industry where innovation and new technologies are driving the way we experience life. Our programmes blend practical experience with theoretical knowledge, so graduates become effective, compelling leaders - able to address change as it happens. Be part of the 4th industrial revolution, with a qualification in Science & Technology.

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  • Overview
    CFS provides a sturdy base for personal growth and academic enrichment. The one-year IUMW Foundation programme, fully accredited by MQA, provides multi-disciplinary exposure to students before they pursue their undergraduate degrees. With IUMW, you will find yourself academically ready and personally confident enough to succeed at your chosen undergraduate course.
  • Overview
    In an era of change, innovation, and new technologies, FSTEM has ventured into the field of science with an emphasis on real-world applications. Our goal is to integrate practical experience with interdisciplinary study and the acquisition of academic knowledge. This ensures that our graduates have every opportunity to become effective, compelling leaders in their fields, able to address change as it happens in technology and society. We focus on developing a personal experience for our students, in the classroom or in a teaching or research laboratory setting.
  • Overview
    At FESS, programmes are designed to give students the best of both worlds, emphasizing both knowledge and practical applications. Students can look forward to numerous opportunities to fully realise their potential. The faculty stands out for the quality of academic teaching and research in different areas of social sciences. More than just educators, our faculty members are mentors who are responsive to different types of learners. They respect the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences of their students.

Students Experiences & Opportunities

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Guest Speakers
We enhance our students educational experience by exposing them to real-world life experiences from the position of someone who has been there. Students recently heard the insight and perspective of the COO of global organisation HeiTech i-Solutions.

Internships with globally recognised companies
Gain valuable experience and exposure with companies such as DHL and Akati Consulting

Hands-on learning experience
Our students get hands on experience managing the faculty’s online presence, including the FSTEM website, YouTube Channel and Instagram profile.

Programmes with the most up-to-date content
Our programme content is continuously evolving. Technology students are currently learning the most up-to-date course content including Intel-MDec Artificial Intelligence.

Members of the Oracle Academy
Memberships gives IUMW access to world-class technology, expertly developed learning materials and curriculum, training, and other resources.

Faculty News & Highlights