Faculty of Arts and Humanities

“I would like to welcome you to the exciting Faculty of Arts & Humanities at the International University of Malaya-Wales. Our outstanding faculty members – many among them award-winning lecturers – take exceptional pride in maintaining the integrity of our courses and continuously shaping the syllabus to meet industry needs and trends. By helping our students develop excellent oral and written communication and critical thinking skills, the University enables them to pursue a wide variety of paths to knowledge and careers.”

Associate Prof. Dr. Latiffah Pawanteh
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Student's Testimonials

“This incredible programme is perfect in every way! Recommending it to any and every person interested in studying communication because not a single thing went wrong on their clock and every second of it was an absolute blast!.”

Charmaine Tan Chai Jun
Bachelor of Professional Communication (Hons)

"This programme is filled with fun activities that never leaves you bored. The university turned out to be one of my greatest and most enriching experiences in terms of learning, skill development and skill diversification.”

Megat Annuar Bin Megat Amirudin
Bachelor of Professional Communication (Hons)

Field of Studies