An Ode to Leaders Past, Present & Future

In line with our dedication to community development, the International University of Malaya-Wales organized a talk entitled “Continuous Professional Development (CPD) – Engaging Leadership Teams for High Performance Working”. The objective of the talk was to educate teachers on working performance and how to emulate good leadership in school settings. The talk was also held to recognize the importance of contributions from educators in shaping the school-going generations into productive members of society. 

The talk was held at IUMW’s state-of-the-art Auditorium on the 17th of July 2017 from 10am to 12pm. Dr. Margaret Inman, Head of the Business School of University of Wales Trinity St. David was the honorary speaker at the event. Also present to grace the event with his welcome address was IUMW’s Deputy Vice Chancellor, Mr. Steve Griffiths. Almost 400 people participated in the talk, most of whom were school principals and teachers. Highlighted in the talk were topics of improving school performance, boosting motivation as part of the leadership process and maintaining productivity of school personnel in the best interest of the students.

At IUMW, we believe in spearheading change throughout society one meaningful step at a time. With that objective in mind, the University shall stride forward by continuing to provide more opportunities to bridge the gap between secondary and tertiary education. 

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