IUMW Students Successfully Organised Digital Campaigns Despite the Pandemic

16 July 2020

IUMW Malaysia
Some examples of the 21 digital campaigns that ran over 2 months and were featured on websites such as EmergentThinkers.com as well as other social media platforms, created by students from the Faculty of Communication, Arts & Media at the International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW)

Students under the Bachelor of Professional Communication successfully organised FCAM Go Digital despite the worldwide pandemic.

21 final year students from the International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) were originally to hold a week-long event at their city campus but due to the government-sanctioned quarantine that lasted for three months, the final year students, guided by their supervisors, navigated it into a digital event.

“I’m so proud of my students for being able to keep their spirits alive despite the ordeals they had to go through. Our faculty is young, tech-savvy, professional-minded, and our students embody all that spirit,” said Dr Nurul Nisa Omar, the head of Faculty of Communication, Arts & Media (FCAM) at IUMW.

The students successfully produced 21 individual campaigns that ran on several media channels, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and several stand-alone websites. The series of campaigns were grouped into three separate themes: digital education, lifestyle, and social issues.

The event caught the attention of Emergent Thinkers, a website based in the United Kingdom. Felicity Healey-Benson, the founder of the blog, stated: “I can honestly say I learned or felt inspired by every piece examined. Digital media is a powerful tool, an effective conduit for social change. With so many issues faced across the globe, an effective campaign that can reach the masses, heightened awareness, or influence behaviour, can change or even save lives.”

Starting this year, each final year student under the faculty is expected to produce a product that reflects their interest and focus throughout their three-year study. The products will be showcased in an exhibition that is held by the faculty twice a year.

The Faculty of Communication, Arts & Media (FCAM) is the youngest faculty in IUMW and home to three creative-based bachelor programmes; Professional Communication, Public Relations and Event Management, and the latest addition to the family; Digital Media Production.