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A Shoulder to Lean on at University

1 April 2021 | by Laura Evans

Emotional support is important. The global pandemic has tested the mental health of millions around the world; and has been a particularly challenging period for students everywhere. But they need not face their struggles alone. The ‘Peer Helpers’, a group of psychology students at the International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) are individuals who offer peer to peer assistance, a shoulder to lean on for their fellow students. A win-win situation, these psychology students get to apply their classroom knowledge in real-life practical situations, and students get the emotional support they need to get them through the struggles that come with university life.

Psychology student and Peer Helper Nik Mohamad Haikal jumped at the opportunity of putting theory into practice to lend a helping hand - or ear - around campus. “I’m very interested in helping and understanding others through their perspective and experiences. Sometimes all one needs is a listening ear and a willing heart. I get to be that person for my fellow students!”

A psychology degree can lead to a variety of different paths, some of the more obvious being a psychologist, therapists or counsellor. But psychology majors are uniquely poised to enter a wide variety of professions due to the fundamental and flexible skill set acquired. The field is actually very diverse and provides a range of great options that focus on aspects of the human mind and behaviour - other than mental health treatments. Some promising ‘non-psych’ careers you can venture into include marketing, sales, human resources, advertising and media, public relations, and social work – to name but a few. A degree in psychology is a versatile asset to have in your corner in nearly any career. With the ability to understand the diversity in people’s behaviour, attitudes and feelings as well as to apply scientific approaches to deal with problems, these transferable skills will pave a long way in your career path.

Psychology at IUMW integrates research and hands-on expertise, producing high performing graduates ready to make an impact in a variety of industries. Students also get the opportunity to study in the UK at IUMW’s partner university, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD), and graduate with a degree certificate from both universities through IUMW’s Dual Awards programme.

Not all degrees are created equally. When choosing where to study, it is important students consider more than just what’s on the curriculum. Learning that goes beyond the classroom is ultimately what can set you up for success beyond your university years, which makes programmes like IUMW’s Peer Helpers invaluable.

Based in Malaysia’s thriving capital city, IUMW attracts students from across the globe for their English conducted Dual Awards degrees, offered in collaboration with UWTSD. IUMW offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in many other fields of study including business, media and communications, computer science, and biotechnology.

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