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Things That You Must Do Before Graduating!

3 September 2020 | by Laxhme Paramanadan

For many of us, graduation is just around the corner. That means it’s time to enter the real world! No more class, lunch break, and part-time work. Is it frightening? Yes. Life goes on though, and so do we. We’ve got this! If you are graduating, chances are you’re feeling similar. You should be making the most of your last semester. Here are some things you should do before graduating:

Take advantage of student discounts
Although paying for rent, groceries, and tuition while also trying to have a social life makes it hard to be a student financially, it comes with some perks. Many places offer discount rates simply for being a student, so make sure you take advantage of these offers while you have the chance.

Visit career fairs
After graduation, you will have one of two choices, either kickstart your career or continue with higher education. Whatever choice you make, career fairs are a great resource. Make sure you visit the ones happening near you. Various organisations at the fair will be able to glance over your resume, help you out with job options, and might even be able to inform you of some job opportunities in your desired industry.

Spend time with friends
This isn’t to say that all your amazing friendships made while in uni are going down the drain, but the reality is you won’t see them as much as you do now. It’s easy to schedule meet-ups in between and after classes, but once the 9-5 grind starts, it will become increasingly difficult to make time for them. Take advantage of the time you have with them.

Focus on school and learn
Of course, it’s important to have fun at school, but the main priority is to learn and utilise that knowledge in the real world. Take advantage of the education you pay for so that you’re ready for your first day on the job. Finish your last year strong – who knows, in a few years you may want to come back and do your Masters.

Have fun!
As you come to the end of your semester, essays will be due, group projects will pile up, and final exams will come and go. During this time it is important to have fun and enjoy yourself. Make some memories that you can look back on! This is the perfect time to do something memorable with your friends.