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A degree in the Arts and Social Science field lays the foundation for a wide range of career options. Students who study this field learn a particular set of skills, including critical thinking, how to express themselves clearly, and how to analyse information. These are all highly transferable skills valued by employers of all industries.

Within this field, IUMW specialise in the areas of Communication, Education, and Psychology. Our graduates can expect to go on to an exciting career in the media, a rewarding pathway in education, or be involved in the fascinating world of Psychology. Browse our programmes to learn more about careers in the Arts and Social Sciences.


  • Overview
    CFS provides a sturdy base for personal growth and academic enrichment. The one-year IUMW Foundation programme, fully accredited by MQA, provides multi-disciplinary exposure to students before they pursue their undergraduate degrees. With IUMW, you will find yourself academically ready and personally confident enough to succeed at your chosen undergraduate course.
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  • Overview
    FCAM provides fully-accredited undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications for students from all walks of life to pursue. The overall objectives of FCAM programmes are to enhance students' versatility and ensure they are assets to any organisation. FCAM students gain ample exposure to genuine industry practices with real-world practitioners within the field. We provide a holistic education through meticulously designed projects, industrial training, seminars and state-of-the art facilities.
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  • Overview
    At FESS, programmes are designed to give students the best of both worlds, emphasizing both knowledge and practical applications. Students can look forward to numerous opportunities to fully realise their potential. The faculty stands out for the quality of academic teaching and research in different areas of social sciences. More than just educators, our faculty members are mentors who are responsive to different types of learners. They respect the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences of their students.
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Students Experiences & Opportunities

Creativity through media
Students are well prepared for employment in the Arts & Media field, with opportunities to get involved in video production and online production, podcasts, talk shows, and social media development.

Educational Trips
Our Foundation students enjoy a number of educational trips, including visits to Langkawi, Pangkor Island, Penang, Melaka, and Port Dickson.

Industry Engagement:
Industry engagement with various organisations including SME, SSM, KPDNKK, TopGlove, and The Royal Selangor Pewter - this provides students with real world practise and intends to combat the graduates’ unemployment issue.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Our students learn the importance of being socially accountable, as well as other skills such as entrepreneurship and event management. Students have worked with a number of organisations including IMPIAN, GAPS, and SK Pulau Tuba.

Global Recognition