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Event Calendars 2014

Date Event
05 - 07 Sept Post Graduate Education Fair 2014
Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

Latest Highlights

  • 07 July2014
    IUMW Anjur Iftar Sambut Ulang Tahun Pertama Penubuhannya

    IUMW meraikan ulang tahun pertamanya dengan menganjurkan Majlis Iftar yang dihadiri oleh Dato’ Seri Idris Jusoh, Menteri Pendidikan II dan sekumpulan kanak-kanak dari Asrama Damai, Rumah Anak-anak Yatim Kuang, Selangor. + Read more..

  • 26 May2014
    IUMW Won Third Place in ADWAVE14 Viral Video Competition

    Congratulations to Professional Communication students Nur Amalina Zahir, Nur Zahira Zahir and Eloise Lau for winning 3rd Prize and Consolation Prize for both their entries to ADWAVE.USM-IWK 2014 Viral Video Competition.

  • 26 May2014
    Beautiful Weather in Wales Welcomes IUMW Students and Staff

    Students and staff of IUMW had the golden opportunity of their lifetime when they were selected to join a ten-day visit to the University of Wales. + Read more..

  • 20 May2014
    Secretary of State for Wales welcomes students from IUMW to Cardiff

    Malaysia’s relationship with the UK is hugely important and our education ties are unparalleled and so I’m delighted to be hosting students from the International University of Malaya-Wales in Cardif. + Read more..

  • 14 May2014
    IUMW and HRDF in Collaboration To Up-Skill and Qualify Hands-On Experience

    IUMW is collaborating with the National Up-skillng Committee which was established under Human Resources Development Fund Bhd (HRDF), to formally recognise the experiences, skills and abilities of the general workforce. + Read more..

  • 24 Apr2014
    IUMW signed an MoU to Share its Expertise in Crime Prevention with MCCC

    IUMW is doing its part in crime prevention effort by working hand-in-hand with Malaysian Community Crime Care (MCCC) in a programme aimed at identifying the root of ill social behaviours. + Read more..

  • 29 Mar2014
    IUMW and CIOB in Collaboration to Produce Multi-Talented Project Managers

    The collaboration between IUMW and the leading professional body for managers in construction has created the latest platform for future project managers to learn the rope of the construction industry through interaction, activities and knowledge transfer from CIOB industry experts with the academic input and guidance of renowned academician with years of experience in the field of project management from IUMW. + Read more..

  • 11 Mar2014
    HEA Conference - The innovative Sci., Tech., Eng. and Mathematics (STEM) Graduate Debate.

    In building a successful economy, governments look at build capacity in STEM graduates. They see innovative STEM graduates bringing in creativity, ideas and drive to help the economy grow in various sectors. The STEM skill set is seen as key in today’s society of big data, high performance manufacturing and complex societal challenges. + Read more..